UX Factory Process

Research / Design / Build / Test / Grow

Our UX Design Process combines our 10 years of experience with the latest research and development techniques.

The UX Factory puts the user experience at the forefront of the entire project. The extensive UX research, analysis, and observations made provide the foundation for the website design which in turn makes up part of the build. Upon completion you’ll have a website that we know will work for you and it won’t be long until you start seeing results.

But why be complacent? With the new site live we can continue to monitor usage and behavior with advanced analytics. This will provide a deeper insight into your users and allow us to continually develop the site, keeping it at the top of the game and pushing the engagement and conversion rates even further.



Who's involved?
  • Client Representative
Objective plan
Work with you to Identify the main aims of website and create appropriate and attainable goals. The objectives become the backbone of the project, driving the research and decision making
Competitors analysis
Identify key competitors and produce a report on how their product works
UX research techniques
Conduct surveys, usability tests and other information gathering techniques to fuel user-centric design
Typical user personas
Aiming at specific user personas, defining their behaviour and goals ensures they receive an optimised user experience and see engaging, relevant content
Defining keywords early that can be implemented into the design, giving greater Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of the website

Analyse & Plan

Who's involved?
  • Client Representative
  • UX Designer
  • UX Developer
Key messaging and copywriting
Deciding what messages and imagery will have the biggest impact on the user
Based on budget, objectives, and usability, product features are ranked based on importance to ensure the biggest return on investment
The current site schematic will be reviewed against the user profiles and website objectives to identify holes or need for improvement. From this a new schematic will be proposed that will enhance the journey and better achieve the goals
Crafting the ideal flow the user takes by mapping out flowcharts, that makes it as easy as possible for them to get to their end goal
All the analysis, schematics and flow charts are taken to the UX Factory where the entire UX team will review, discuss and produce a complete, drawn out wireframed user interface. The wireframes act as a plan to the entire experience and layout of the website

Design & Prototype

Who's involved?
  • UX Designer
  • UX Developer
  • UX Tester / Media Technician
A new or modernised logo and company image may support your newly defined direction of the business, complimenting the style of the website
Your website may require new photography, video or animation that engages the user and adds to the aesthetic of your product
Your UX toolkit
Based on the research and planning, a user focused design will be created. A full design pattern library will define all styles for the project, from how the fonts will look to what happens when a user interacts with a dropdown menu
An interactive prototype is made, whereby you can see and use the product in context before build
Prototype testing
An early testing stage can be carried out with usability tests, ironing out any issues before the product is built
Initial UX report
Progress log of research and findings that have driven the actions taken to create your product


Who's involved?
  • UX Designer
  • UX Developer
  • UX Tester
Development build
Our in-house team use the latest technologies and software to ensure your website is built to the highest standards whilst preserving accessibility and engagement
Performance optimisation
Performance Is carefully monitored and peak loading speeds assured through compression and cache management
Your site will be tested across all browsers and devices throughout the build project to confirm the experience is shared amongst all users
Search engine optimisation
We’ll kickstart your site with some initial SEO work to ensure the site starts climbing the ranks and is ready to interact with marketing campaigns and continuous development projects

Test, Solve, Validate & Develop

Who's involved?
  • UX Designer
  • UX Developer
  • UX Tester
Advanced analytics
Giving insights and reports through heat maps, user recordings, google analytics and forensics which define user demographic and browser behaviour
Surveys and feedback
Small feedback boxes or extended surveys can be displayed to gain useful feedback on the user’s satisfaction with the product
User testing and observational research
Using our in-house facilities, we can conduct user experience tests and observe how the user interacts and navigates through the website or app
Search engine optimisation and keyword analysis
We’ll monitor search engine rankings and the effectiveness of the keyword plan and content proposals
A/B testing
Based on the research collected with the previous techniques, we can hypothesise a new design that we feel will create a better user experience. The new variation of the site is displayed for half of the users (Group A), whilst another variation of the site is shown to the other half of the users (Group B), and whichever version performs better is used

Results & Growth

Who's involved?
  • Client Representative
UX reporting
Detailing analytics of how the implemented user experience design is positively affecting your website
Extended Functionality
With the success of your product, the research may indicate that further functionality and features are needed in order to progress the website further
Extra Development Projects
Whether it may be software, an app or extra websites, new projects may arise from business success and growth
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