We improve the online experience of your user in order to achieve the goals of your business.

About UX Factory

What is the User Experience Factory?

Our highly-skilled team conduct UX research, design, build and test the user experience of your website, app or software. We enhance usability with intuitive interaction design, using the right functionality and features, displaying content that is engaging to your users.

How can our UX services improve your business?

We create user experiences that interact positively with your consumers, resulting in happy returning customers that enjoy, and are willing to refer your product, system or service. We deliver measurable success that achieves the objectives of your business.

Happy users
= increased revenue

of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad user experience
- Source: Gomez web performance
referrals (on average) from happy customers that had good experiences with a product or service.
- Source: Lion & Mason
of users base a company’s credibility solely on their website alone
- Source: Veopix
return on investment for every £1 invested in user experience
- Source: Peter Eckhert, Co. Design

Our process
that solves user problems

  1. 1Research
  2. 2Analyse and plan
  3. 3Design and prototype
  4. 4Build
  5. 5Test, validate, solve and develop
  6. 6Results and growth
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Our process that solves user problems